Top 5 Places to Visit in Morocco


Morocco Wildlife

If you’re looking for an end of year escape to a place rich in scenic views and wildlife for your next vacation, then Morocco should be at the top of your list winter sun holidays. The beautiful country of Morocco, located in the Northern portion of Africa, is known for its magnificent landmarks, exotic animals, picturesque mountains and of course, being one of the homes to the Sahara desert. When you visit Morocco, you can be sure that you will always experience a unique, memorable adventure. Throughout the course of this article, you’ll learn a little more about Morocco and some of the top places to visit.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert is notorious for being the hottest desert in the world. This desert covers a large portion of Northern Africa, including Morocco, so it is undoubtedly a must-see when visiting there. Here, you’ll experience a movie-like adventure while enjoying scenic views. There are various tours, which offer this one-of-a-kind activity where you can hike and even camp in certain spots. Whether this is an activity you do with your family or friends, you’ll certainly have the time of your life complete with unbeatable views and feelings of serenity and peace offered by the desert.

The Atlas Mountains

A second must-see in Morocco is the Atlas Mountains, which border the Sahara desert. While trekking along these gorgeous mountains, you’ll become closely acquainted with some of the finest naturally occurring spots on Earth. After a long day of hiking, you’ll be exhausted and luckily, there are several hotels where you can relax for a few days. The Atlas Mountains, similarly to the Sahara desert, provide an active experience while simultaneously allowing you to appreciate splendid sights. A third spot to visit in Morocco is the Menara Gardens located in the city of Marrakech. Your appreciation for nature will grow tremendously deeper as you walk past the lush orchards. You’ll also become more familiar with the Arabic culture when visiting this area due its vast history regarding the ancient Moroccan dynasty.

The Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is a fourth must-see landmark in Morocco. This palace is also home to a collection of beautiful gardens and spacious courtyards, but was built much more recently than the Menara Gardens. This wonderfully structured piece of architecture provides a more low-key and relaxing vibe to enjoy after several active excursions.

The Casablanca Twin Center

A final spot to visit in Morocco is the Casablanca Twin Center. The Casablanca Twin Center consists of two towering skyscrapers that are visually pleasant and tourist-friendly. You cannot help but feel awe-struck when approaching these colossal masterpieces of architecture. Inside the towers, you’ll discover a mall, luxurious hotel, spa, and amazing restaurants. Here, you can truly enjoy a diverse activity whether you are inclined to shop, relax or eat savory, authentic Moroccan cuisine. Clearly, Morocco has an incessant amount of possibilities that cater to everyone. Whether you choose to shop, hike the natural landscape, relax or to simply enjoy traditional Moroccan meals, you can be sure that you’ll leave with a sense of cultural enlightenment and unforgettable memories.