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Valid Treatments for Post-Maternity Hair Thinning Problem

Having beautiful hair is very important for every woman. It doesn’t matter whether they are long or short. Hair that looks healthy can give a woman confidence like nothing else. It is why everyone hates hair loss. But in a world where our planet is getting affected by the environment, it is hard to keep your hair safe. One can still try to take better care of them and eat healthy to control the damage. However, there is one problem that has been bothering woman a lot since the beginning of time. And that is of post partum hair loss and thinning.

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A lot is going through your body after giving birth. So, you could do without additional problems. It is the reason why you shouldn’t have to worry about hair thinning during that time. But it is hard to find a hair thinning treatment method that is okay for breastfeeding moms to follow. That doesn’t mean there are no options at all. There are plenty of valid treatments for this problem something like to use hair extensions for thinning hair. Here are the eight best procedures that new moms can follow to tackle hair thinning problem:

Eat Healthily:


All of us need to maintain healthy diets. But new moms need to start eating healthy for a lot of reasons. For starters, they will be breastfeeding and need to be in the best physical condition. They also need to make up for all the times they couldn’t eat properly during pregnancy. Hormonal changes will cause excessive hair fall and the best way to combat that is by eating healthy food.

You can look up easy and simple recipes to make healthy food so you can make them quickly while caring for the baby. Just make sure to give time to your healthcare because you deserve it.

Reduce Stress:

Hormonal changes in the body can mess up your brain’s chemistry too. A lot of women fall victim to postpartum depression. If you continuously feel down, it will be useful to talk to a therapist about it. But even the moms that don’t have postnatal depression face a lot of stress after pregnancy. Taking care of a newborn baby is not easy. You won’t get enough sleep, and that can make you stressed. Stress is one of the biggest causes of hair fall. Talk to your partner about it and make sure you are getting the downtime you need to de-stress.

Don’t Skip Supplements:

Your body will be weaker after birth and need a lot of supplements to make up for all the lost strength. Your doctor will prescribe nutrients for your postpartum recovery plan. Make sure that you don’t skip them. Taking them will make you healthy again, and your hair will get the nutrient they need. If your iron levels are low, make sure to add iron-rich food in your diet too.

Avoid Styling:

Straighteners heat your hair to style them. But after pregnancy, your hair is fragile and could do without dangerous heating. You need to go for simple hairstyles. Also, avoid ponytails as tying your hair will make the thinning problem more prominent. You can try clips to pin down your hair or wear them down without any accessories. If your baby has started moving and loves grabbing your hair, then it is better to put them up in a bun. As long as your hairstyle isn’t stressing your hair, it will be the right choice.


Scalp Treatments:

Panicking about the hair loss won’t do you any good. Post-partum hair thinning is natural. But with the help of postpartum hair growth tips, you can make your hair healthier again. Treating your body is not the only way to deal with hair loss. Your scalp also needs your attention post-maternity. You will have to follow a scalp care regimen to make your scalp healthier. And if you think you can’t handle your scalp’s problems at home, in-salon treatments are also an option.

Use Volumizing Shampoo:

Shampoos that contain conditioner make hair look thin and straight. It is why you need to avoid them post-maternity. The better option is a volumizing shampoo. It will give your hair the bounce and volume that it is currently lacking. There is a volumizing shampoo that contains oils and can be pretty helpful in making your hair regain their strength. After giving birth, you should avoid using too much product in your hair. Whether it is a conditioner or hair mask. Especially the products that contain harsh components can do more damage than good to your hair. So, it is better to stick to the basic needs of your hair.

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Go Organic:

No matter what you use on your hair, from oil and moisturizers to shampoo and conditioner, opt for the organic products. Haircare products contain way too many harsh materials in them. All of our shampoos contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is a very harmful chemical for our hair. But if you pick up organic products, you will be doing your hair and scalp a considerable favor. Oil your hair regularly and buy natural shampoo and conditioner. Another organic tip is adding peppermint oil to your shampoo. It will make your hair look full of life.

Do Light Exercise:

Working out is a great way to improve your blood circulation. And good blood circulation will improve your health like nothing else. Once your overall health improves, your hair will start getting better too. Since you can’t do heavy exercises after maternity, begin with a light workout. You need to be careful with your body. But not doing any workout post-partum is also not a good idea. So, a little movement throughout the day and a 15 minutes workout can do wonders for your body and hair.

Post-maternity hair thinning is a problem for every mother. But if you follow the right treatment methods, you will be able to tackle this problem. All you have to do is be patient about the results like postpartum hair loss meme, and you will eventually see them.

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