Weight Training for Women: Big Time Calorie Burn

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For years, women have been told to burn calories, they need to do heavy aerobic workouts, and leave weight training alone. Unfortunately, that isn’t entirely, or even mostly, true. There are three things about weight training that make it perfect for women looking to lose weight.

Daily Metabolism

It is true that weight training doesn’t do much to burn fat during the work out. Doing aerobics for thirty minutes burns a lot more calories than weight training for thirty minutes. However, weight training will continue to burn calories for the rest of the day. A long slow burn that ultimately uses up more calories than the quick large loss of aerobic workouts. Basically, even though the workout metabolism rate is lower, the daily metabolism rate is higher.

Build Muscle/Lose Fat

Muscle constantly burns calories, even when it isn’t being used. The muscle that weight training adds will increase the metabolism. A higher metabolism means not just an easier time losing weight – but an easier time keeping it off.

Targeted Weight Loss

Almost every woman who tries to lose weight has had the experience of trying to lose weight off the belly, or the hips, and watching their bra size go down instead. Weight training will target areas of fat to be burned off in a way aerobic exercise can’t.

Quick Tips on Weight Training for Women

  • For best effect, go for more weight and fewer reps
  • Don’t worry about bulking out; women don’t have the testosterone for it.
  • Rest a day between workouts.
  • Do complex exercises that work more than one joint.

More on Weight Training for Women

There is a lot of good advice available on weight training for women, and a lot of bad advice also. Anyone who gives advice that suggests women need a less intense or easier work out than men is too busy seeing women as weak to give good advice. Women have different metabolism than men, and different body chemistry. That changes the effects of weight lifting, not the best way to do it.

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Good advice on weight training for women respects what women are capable of, and helps them get there.

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