What to Drink on the HCG Diet Plan


When you’re around the HCG diet plan, you minimize your food intake considerably. With regards to beverages, it might appear that you’re severely limited on which you are able to consume. When around the HCG weight loss plan there aren’t any juices, no milk, no coffee, and certainly no alcohol based drinks or colas allowed. So what are you able to drink if you are planning to stay serious and in keeping with HCG? Dr Simeons clearly produced in his manuscript Pounds and Inches “Tea, coffee, plain water, or standard water would be the only drinks allowed, however they might be drawn in any quantity and also at year ’round. Actually, the individual should drink a couple of litres of those fluids daily.”

Plain water / Standard water

Yes, in the beginning water may appear bland, but many of ice make it an awesome and refreshing beverage to eat. What’s more, water you drink is really a “freebie.” You are able to stay hydrated around you want. No calories, no fat, with no additional weight gain. Should you should have flavor inside your beverage, give a lemon slice or too, or apply certain Stevia sweetener to include a little taste.

Green teas

Herb teas are permit around the Everett HCG diet, but you will find rules to follow along with. When having any herbal tea, and you’re simply not limited on flavor, you can’t utilize sugars or honey or sugar substitutes within the beverages. You’ll have to sample teas to find out teas that provide a flavor you like. You can include Stevia towards the tea for sweet flavor should you desire. Like water, there isn’t any limitation around the quantity of herb teas you are able to consume around the HCG weight loss plan.

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Tea Recipes

Sample newer and more effective HCG diet plan green tea recipes. You may make a fascinating green tea extract offering by steeping five green tea extract bags in boiled water for five to eight minutes. After that you can add two mangos teen tea bags and three raspberry pomegranate tea bags towards the mix. Permit the mixture for cooling, place it inside a pitcher or jug, and drink the beverage cold. Add 2 lemons for taste. Drop in five drops of Stevia to include sweet flavor. If you’re creative, you are able to develop your personal innovative recipes.

Coffee without sugar or Cream

You are able to drink straight black coffee around the Spokane HCG diet plan. No sugar or cream is permit to increase the coffee. You are able to again add Stevia for your coffee as sweetener. Theoretically you are able to drink just as much black coffee as you would like around the HCG diet plan. However, it is suggest that you should avoid it at the outset of HCG diet plan, since it could produce cravings for food.