4 Best Historical Places in St. Albert

historical places in St. Albert

When thinking of historical places, towns and cities in Canada, St. Albert likely isn’t the first one to come to mind. St. Albert was only made a town in 1906 and has largely been thought of as just an extension of Edmonton. Despite this, St. Albert has plenty of history, most of which is manifested in a few significant locations. These locations have plenty to offer visitors, and they may be the most important and significant pieces of St. Albert real estate. So what exactly are these sites?

Here are best historical places in St. Albert.

Father Lacombe Chapel

Father Lacombe Chapel is generally considered to be the oldest building in the entirety of Alberta. The building was built in the late 1800s, making it well over a hundred years old. The building was built by Father Lacombe himself, and the man is still buried there to this day. Tours can even show you his resting place, as part of the building’s walkthrough includes a trip though the chapel’s crypts. Since the building was built so early, it was an integral part of the surrounding civilization as many other buildings popped up around it. The Father Lacombe Chapel has a lot of interesting history behind it and offers a unique look into the history of the area.

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Little White School

One of the more unique historical aspects that is often overlooked is education. Education used to be vastly different in the past, and you can see this on display at the Little White School. This historical site is an old fashioned schoolhouse from the mid-1900s. The schoolhouse has only two rooms, illustrating the challenges that students and educators faced in the past. Visiting the Little White School is an amazing eye-opening experience, as it shows just how far education has come and just how lucky we are to have what we have today.

St. Albert Grain Elevator Park

St. Albert has a rich history Grain elevators have a rich history in the region, something that manifests in the St. Albert Grain elevator Park. Grain elevators are crucial in the production of grain, and as a result, grain elevators were vital to the local economy. The area has recently been restored and opened to the public, allowing residents and visitors to see a unique style of life. Although it may not be glamorous, these grain elevators were once an extremely important part of everyday life in the area. Seeing these restored and turned into public sites allows people a glimpse into an aspect of St. Albert’s history, an aspect that was essential to the region’s economy and growth.

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Juneau House

While the Father Lacombe Chapel may be the oldest building in St. Albert, the Juneau House is the area’s oldest residential home. The house is also located in the area’s oldest residential district, meaning that the building is surrounded by even more history. The name of the house derives from its original owners, however, the building now belongs to an organization promoting cultural connections. This means that not only does this building have historical significance, but it is also currently being used to better the local community.