Budapest Stag Do Are The Best A Man Can Get


God was clearly having a pretty good day when he put this city together. Blending ancient architecture with modern stuff may sound like a recipe for a right old mess. The Budapest stag party proves it’s actually a winning formula. The 2 sides of the city sit very happily together and somehow it all works. It never hurts to party in a place that’s on the stunning side. Speaking of which, Budapest stag nights certainly have no shortage of hotties to hang out with. If you like exotic eye candy, you’ve come to the right place.

Hungarian Delight comes in all shapes and forms on a Budapest stag do. As this is a last weekend of freedom, let’s start with the sexy stuff. If you’re up for a rowdy and raunchy Budapest stag weekend, you will get plenty to keep the chaps happy. Pest is the place to be when the sun goes down, and boasts bars and clubs in every conceivable style. Stag nights rival those in both Barcelona and Prague for longevity and luscious ladies. Check out the Naughty Bar Crawl and combine beer and boobs in equal measures. Or enjoy a Lesbian Show on a Budapest stag night that’s all about the erotic entertainment.

A Good Old-Fashioned Pub Crawl

Not keen on upsetting the apple cart with the WAGs? No worries. Budapest stag nights don’t have to include naked chicks – although you may have a hard time resisting temptation in this town! If you’re just after a good old-fashioned Pub Crawl, come on a whistle stop tour of the best bars in Budapest. Stag nights can sup the finest ales in a selection of traditional Hungarian watering holes. And if you’re still standing at the end, the blinking lights of the city’s casinos are a very attractive option.

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And if you’re up for a Budapest stag night spent exploring the city’s famously buzzing clubbing scene, do the Club Crawl. It knocks all the hassle of getting past the front door on the head. Prepare to hear everything from commercial classics to underground beats, rock, and hip hop. Budapest stag weekends come with a pretty varied soundtrack and a clubbing crowd from all over Europe. This is a 24-hour haven so you’ll have no worries scoring shots and staying out late. Why select a city that closes at the conventional hour when you can come on a Budapest stag party and revel in the luxury of choosing your bedtime?

Strike the Right Balance

Need more than just bar crawls and strip shows? The best thing about the Budapest stag do is its ability to strike the right balance between nocturnal naughtiness and daytime diversions. If the groom’s got a penchant for outdoor pursuits, a stag party won’t disappoint. Live for the beautiful game? Check out the Football, Food and Fun package. Fancy playing with firearms? Legal Pistol Shooting gives Budapest stag parties plenty to play around with on the range.

Like the sound of a driving activity with a difference? Budapest stag weekends can steamroller stuff with Tank Driving, or explore the natural terrain with Cross Country Quad Biking. And if you like the sound of some old school driving, the Trabant Rally day will definitely fit the bill. If the traditional activities are more your style, the Budapest stag do comes with Indoor Karting and Paint balling options. The latter’s well worth a look. Do battle in former military base, complete with training grounds, old barracks, and buildings for war games.

For The More Sophisticated Stag

For the more sophisticated stag, you have Wine Tasting. If you’re after a more up-market event, this is the perfect fit for the groom’s Budapest stag do. And it has the dual function of keeping the boozers in check. This event takes place in the Castle district, so you can tick the culture box too. Budapest stag parties congregate for a chilled out afternoon of wine and cheese. If you’ve ever wondered what to make of a wine list or been confused by labels, this activity will set you straight.

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No Budapest stag party would be complete without a Riverboat Cruise down the river Danube. You’ve got to spend a few hours messing about on one of Europe’s renowned rivers. It’s the best way to see the city’s awesome sights and provide the less cultural dudes with entertainment at the same time. Sail past the Royal Palace and magnificent Parliament Building with beers on tap thanks to the boat’s fully stocked bar. Spice things up with a couple of little extras and make it a real event. Stitch up the groom with a Roly Poly stripper, or get a band on board. It’s all possible for Budapest stag parties.