How To Prepare For A Hurricane

prepare for a hurricane

Any natural disaster, whether it’s a hurricane or a tsunami or an earthquake, can leave a lot of things in its wake. With a surge in climate change, many weather conditions all over the globe have been affected. Polar caps are melting at a higher rate than has led to a rush in natural disasters. If you reside in an area that is prone to hurricane or storms, it is best to be prepared for them at all times when the season comes.

It is very important to pay attention to all the signs and abide by guidelines so that it becomes easy. Be ready to take some important measures so that you can avoid most of the damage that these hurricanes can cause. Options like the BestSheds Industrial Sheds are a perfect pick for the people who would like to get a shed that can also withstand harsh conditions like a hurricane. Here are some effective tips to prepare before a hurricane hits you.

Keep Supplies

Try to keep supplies on hand at all times, as you might need them any time. If you run out of food, then having some emergency supplies can be of huge use as you might not be able to leave your homes for certain periods of times. Run to the stores beforehand and try to gather as much surplus stock as you can. Starting right from canned food, to juice boxes and daily essentials need to be with you at all costs. This way, you can eliminate the risk of you staying hungry in the case of a hurricane.

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Make small packs of these items and keep them with you. In the case where you are to evacuate our place, you can then bring these items to help you survive for a couple of days. This way, you can consume your supplies while also having a few extras on hand for when you need them.

Have A Shed

Having a shed can be one of the safest and best options to prepare for a hurricane. When you are in the state of an emergency, you cannot take along all your possessions with you. From your appliances to your furniture, not everything can be protected. With the help of a shed, you might be able to keep some of it safe if not all. Similarly, you can secure your things inside it and prepare for other things.

These sheds are made with the purest quality of materials ensuring that the level of protection is always there. Sheds can be anchored to the ground, also thus providing another layer of protection for your things. Also, shed safeguards your head and whole body from getting hurt.

Protect Home

Another step in making sure that you are prepared for a hurricane is safeguarding your house as much as possible. Try to make your place as water-resistant as possible. Try to replace hard materials with lighter ones so that they cause the least amounts of damage in a hurricane. Keep all sorts of trees and shrubs short around your house to avoid them from falling on the roof and causing any sorts of damage.

Make sure that your windows and doors are already fitted with storm shutters that can prevent heavy winds and rains from entering the premises. Try to replace any breakable glass doors and windows with tempered glass o that it would not be smashed if things hit it. Also, make sure that all your rain gutters are working and do not have any sorts of blockages to avoid flooding.

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Have A Plan

Always have a written plan ready for emergencies. That plan should be detailed enough and also discussed with all members of your family before.  Everyone should be aware of the things that are to be done when the emergency may strike. Your plan should include a detailed escape route. It should be clear to everyone which roads and paths will be safe and permissible to take if evacuation is to be done. Make sure your whole plan of action is mapped out in advance.

Be certain on which exit of your house to when you are making your evacuation.  Also have a list of emergency numbers attached with the plan that can be contacted throughout. In this way, you can navigate through the whole process without any mistakes. Be prepared for the hurricane before it hits you.

Have Emergency Kit

Keep an emergency kit ready for all situations. A kit that carries all essential medical supplies needs to be on you the whole time. In the case of an evacuation, you need to have your kit ready to go. The kit needs to have all sorts of bandages, wipes, anti-septic ointments and medicines in it. Also, try to keep a blanket or a warm sweater on hand in that kit.

Apart from this, you need to have flashlights, extra pairs of batteries and a matchbox ready. In the case that all power supply is cut, you will need the flashlights to guide you and a matchbox through creating fire to keep you warm. Keep this emergency kit in an easy to locate area like a kitchen counter-top. In the case you have to leave your home, this kit can be grabbed easily without any delays. Emergency kit ensures that you get the medical assistance at the earliest.

Keep Important Stuff Safe

When there is an emergency, and often when you have to leave your premises, not everything can be brought along. You cannot add stuff up as it will only slow you down and make you more unsafe. However, it is still important to safeguard all the important things like documents, passports, jewellery and other things. The best way to prepare for it is in advance. Make sure that you have a safe or security deposit box in your place somewhere.

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Keep that box in a hidden place somewhere below that can not be easily destroyed by the hurricane. It is a risk, but it is one risk that might be worth it. You might not be able to take all the important things with you, so it is best to secure them as safely as possible back home.


Preparing for a hurricane can be a very tough job. Apart from stress and trauma, it adds a level of anxiety. It keeps you uncertain of your future and makes you more anxious. However, taking these necessary precautions is going to help you fight the hurricane as much as possible. Just stay strong and prepare with as many steps as possible so that you do not have to panic to survive it.