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First Trip To France, Which Cities To Visit?

Away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life France is a honeymooner’s paradise. Not only do you have the unofficial ‘Most Romantic City in the World’ in the form of Paris but you have one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries. Split your time between some of the major cities with their beautiful architecture and romantic restaurants with some time spent in the rural side of France with romantic castles ad vineyards aplenty. If you want romance and you want it in a tight budget you can’t go wrong with France.

With golden beaches, quaint fishing villages, unspoilt countryside, mediaeval vineyards, wildlife parks and historical sites, France is the perfect destination of cheap holidays abroad for family. Just take a leap across the channel and you’ll find yourself in a completely different atmosphere. A trip to France is the easiest way to gain new experiences for the whole family.

Many families taking a holiday in France head for Brittany or Normandy, where they can visit the aquarium at Brest or Croisic, enjoy the award-winning zoos of Pont-Scorff and Champrepus, tour the Cerisy forest and Reptilarium of Domaine de Litteau, or visit the Planète Sauvage Safari park. In Britanny, the great tide around Mont-St-Michel will amaze not only the kids but the adults as well.

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If you are interested to learn more about wine, your family holiday should take place in the Bordeaux or Languedoc districs. Saint Guilhem-le Désert and Carcassonne are both captivatingly beautiful, mixing spine-tingling ancient legends with a mediaeval landscape lush with vineyards.

Here are best cities to visit on a family holiday in France:



Paris is one of the nearly all famous traveller destinations in the world. Paris is France’s capital city and additionally known as the City of Light. If you are thinking about treating yourself and having that much needed vacation from your ritual life. Or, simply have a passion to travel and leisure, you should check out Paris.



Lyon is full of traboules – secret passageways that were created between buildings to allow workers to pass between streets to go to between works and home more quickly. Some of them are small and cramped. But, others like this one are open in the middle and even have peaceful little courtyards within…



Monaco is perhaps the planet’s most famous yachting destination. It’s recognized for its Mediterranean Sea climate, worldwide casino and wonderful port. It’s one of the most idyllic places on the planet, lying at the foot of the Alps Mountains and alongside the Mediterranean Sea, allowing for breath-taking sights of both. It also offers mild winters and warm summer months, so is never too warm or too cold. It has a fantastic historical past, and lies in the Monaco, in the South of France. Monaco is also famous for its sporting events, such as the world’s most renowned Formula 1 GP, an international tennis event, and of course the Monte Carlo Rally. If you wish to see how a Monaco yacht looks like, go to Nice, in the South of France, and get the first helicopter to The principality of Monaco!


If you fancy a visit to the Cote d’Azur but don’t fancy splashing out on accommodation in Cannes or Monaco then Nice is the place for you.

Nice is pretty much the cheapest spot on the Cote d’Azur and also happens to be a fantastic city with loads to do, see and eat. There is a wonderful promenade which is perfect for walking, jogging or running. Along, when the weather is kind and there are also plenty of adorable streets in the Old Town of Nice.


A trip to Nice also wouldn’t be complete without walking along the Promenade to the most easterly point and then heading up the path to the Colline du Château. Continue on to the top of the hill and enjoy stunning views of the old town and the bay.

It’s also a great place to base yourself and use to travel to places such as Cannes. And, Monaco for a day trip rather than taking the hit on your savings and staying in either of these super expensive destinations.

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Sure, you probably won’t spot any celebrities wandering around like you might in Cannes. But, your bank balance will thank you for it!


Nantes is a city that lies on the banks of the Loire River. And, I visited it for the first time in early 2017 and was blown away by it. Nantes has a young population thanks to numerous universities and colleges. Which gives it a great atmosphere and it also has a terrific arts scene.

It has quintessentially French architecture, plenty of adorable little cafes where you can sit and people watch, delectable restaurants. And, the Loire Valley also happens to be home to some of my absolute favourite wines. Winning combination!


Another thing I loved about Nantes is the fact that it is the French city have visited with fewest numbers of tourists meaning the streets are filled with locals. And, you won’t find yourself trying to dodge through tour groups all day long.

Also, I’m still entirely devastated that I didn’t get to see Le Grand Elephant of Nantes walking the city streets. Yup, I haven’t lost my mind; there is a giant mechanical elephant that wanders the streets on certain days. You can even ride on his back!

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