5 Beauty Hacks to Get Rosy White Skin


In the beauty area, white skin has always been a preference for most people. Since time immemorial, it has been a general feeling that white skin is beautiful. It is this assumption that has led to loads of people trying different methods to lighten your skin. People have tried various strategies that range from injections, pills and even creams. Some of these attempts have ended up in tragedies when they backfire while others have not been very effective. Other aftermaths of these activities are too scary that if you are lighthearted you may never try lightening your skin. However, skin lightening does not have to be a doomed venture. There are fool proof ways that can safely ensure you attain a skin that is white, flawless and above all rosy.

Honestly, you don’t want to brighten your skin and end up looking ghostly pale. This is why should you decide to lighten your skin, you should remember to complement your skin brighteners with simple beauty hacks that will keep your skin glowing. Among the things that can be a means to this end include:

1. Drinking lot of water

First things first. Water is important for your skin. Now, for every skin to look bright, healthy and radiant, irrespective of whether it has been lightened or natural, proper hydration is a must. When you are dehydrated, your skin is bound to dry out making it look dull and pale. But if you drink lots of water your skin will remain moisturised and thus leaving it looking radiant.

2. Applying lemon juice

Lemons are known to have bleaching (skin lightening) capabilities. When you apply lemon on your skin, it gets lighter after a while because lemon juice reduce pigmentation on the skin. However, this is a slow method that will take a lot of time to materialise. It is in this regard that you should try not to overuse lemon use. This is because too much use may lead to skin irritation and drying. Use this remedy at most, thrice a week.


3. Use lightening creams

Unlike lemons, skin lightening creams offer white skin on instant: almost at a snap of a finger. However, you should be keen to invest only in the best skin brightening creams in order to avert any side effects. Lightening creams may contain ingredients like mercury that can increase the risk of skin cancer while others will leave dark spots on your face or any other body part. This is why you should invest in products like Juvabrite, Revitol skin brightener, Cosmelan, Nur 76 and Makari Oralight which will not only lighten your skin but also reduce chances or wrinkling and clear any freckles that may appear. These products will ensure you get a white skin that is radiant and flawless.

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4. Protect your skin from the sun

The need to use sunscreen can never be fully emphasised. All skin types including the darkest are affected by UV rays. Apart from trying to keep skin cancer at bay, sunscreen will help ensure your skin does not get darkened. Protecting your skin gets even more important after you lighten your skin. This is because after skin lightening, the melanin levels on your skin reduce. Now lesser melanin increases the risk of your skin being affected by the sun rays. Therefore, if you have lightened your skin or is naturally white, you should ensure it is protected from the effects of the sun.

5. Eating foods rich in vitamin A

Constant consumption of carrots, papaya, watermelon and tomatoes which are rich in beta carotene, will help reduce the effects of sun damage to your skin. Now, among the major causes of skin darkening is the sun. It will cause sun burns which generally taint your complexion. Intake of these foods will ensure that your skin is not impacted too much by the sun. For instance, they will ensure that a day’s exposure to the sun does not ultimately result to skin darkening due to sun burns. This will in the long run keep your skin white. These foods will offer reinforcements to sunscreen.


White and rosy skin does not need to remain a fantasy for you: you can get it. In addition, it does not have to be an uphill task that will end up in a disaster. This is however only true if you decide to use the right products to lighten your skin, eating foods that will improve your skin and lastly take care of the skin. When this is done diligently, you will successfully get not only a white complexion but also a radiant and rosy one.