Are there any BS/DVM combined programs in the Caribbean?

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Being a veterinarian is an excellent career path for those who are keen to care for animals. If you are an animal lover or are passionate about caring for the wellbeing of animals, then you should enroll for a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or a DVM degree.

There are many reputable Schools of Veterinary Medicine in the Caribbean that offer a recognized DVM degree that can help you achieve your dreams. With an excellent curriculum, the degree helps students achieve scholastic success.

What is a BS/DVM program?

The BS/DVM program is perfect for someone who is interested in studying a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine along with a bachelor’s degree. The double degree program adds to your educational credential but it takes a longer time to complete.

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After completing this program, students can become successful veterinarians. This joint pathway allows you to merge two important degrees and gain additional knowledge.

However, if you are looking to start a successful career as a veterinarian, then you can simply opt for a DVM program, which covers all the important aspects of this sector and allows you to become a licensed practitioner.

Study at a Caribbean veterinarian school

Students who are keen to make a career as a veterinarian can opt to study in a recognized Caribbean veterinary school which will provide them with valuable education and help them earn an accredited degree. So, what makes Caribbean veterinary schools a good option?

Valuable education

The main reason behind the popularity of Caribbean veterinary schools is the education that they offer. The learning and curriculum areon par with veterinary schools in the U.S. and the degrees that are offered in the Caribbean are accredited, which means they are valued around the world.

Recognized veterinary schools

If you thought that only U.S. veterinary schools have gained global recognition, then think again because veterinary schools in the Caribbean have become just as popular and draw in international students from various countries including the U.S. and Canada.

Higher acceptance rate

While Caribbean veterinary schools are highly competitive, they have a higher acceptance rate which means that you have a better chance of gaining admission there.

While the admission process sees higher acceptance rates, the quality of education remains the same. The holistic approach towards assessing students is applied to ensure that every candidate is judged on various other criteria and not limited to their exam scores.

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So, various non-academic factors are considered while assessing and interviewing the candidates such as their previous animal experience and leadership skills. These important factors are considered to ensure that students are dedicated and passionate towards their chosen career path.

Excellent student support

Another factor that makes Caribbean Veterinary school an excellent choice is that they offer many avenues of support to students. This means that you will never have to struggle alone and will always have useful guidance to help you through matters such as academics, career prospects, mental health concerns and more.

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