5 Tips to Make Your Butt Look Good In Bikini


It is the time of summer and indeed peak time to hit the beach. Do you want to look tight by the time you rush to the beach? If you want to label as “damn girl” throughout the summer, just try out some amazing butt enhancing moves, suggested by different health and fitness experts to enhance the beauty of your butt.

1. The Kickback move:

This is a bit easier yet effective move to make your butt look better after certain period of time. Start it out on all fours. Then jolt your right leg straight out at your back side at an angle of 45 degree, to the floor. The duration of this move should be 90 seconds at least. Repeat the move with your left leg and do this exercise three times daily. Very soon, you would see the result.

2. The Side Walking lunge:

If you want your butt to be tightened up, then this exercise is considered as one of the most effective one. This workout tightens up the external part of the butt. As an alternative of lunging frontward and backward, you can step out to the side; curve your right knee and leap sideways. Do it for ten times and then repeat the same with your left side.

3. The Hip Extension exercise:

Broad and rigid hips are adorable by all. To experience extension in your hips, try out this result oriented move. Start it out on all fours then, bend your right leg. Keeping the same posture, drive your leg back until it is in the line with your backbone. While doing this, your foot and upper thigh must be parallel to the roof. The duration must be of 90 seconds at least and then repeat the same move with your left leg.

4. The Hydrant move:

This workout targets your hips and glutes. Start it out on all fours, and while bending your right knee, raise it up to the side until it gets parallel with the hips. Repeat the same move with your left side and the duration should be 90 seconds for both sides. The constant work out of this move will surely create amazing result regarding your hips extension and making your butt look sexier.

5. Running on stairs:

Although this exercise seems very simple and not much impressive, but actually, it is included among the most effective ones by various the health and fitness experts.

This exercise burns calories and hard up your butt. Start running up stairs with one step initially. Then toggle to two steps at a time, and construct your approach up to three steps at a time. Do it for at least ten times in the beginning and then increase the duration gradually.

These are some of the tips to be worked out, suggested by experts, to have sexier, firm and attractive butt. Now whenever you wear bikini, show your girly features with proud because you are assured to get adorable comments.