Active Adult Communities in America


Learn More About Adult 55+ Apartments and Amenities

Transitioning from your long-time family home to apartment living can be scary and intimidating. With uncertainty about how you’ll enjoy living in a rental home, what furniture and other items you should keep or donate from your possessions, and what it’s like essentially sharing a building with other people, it’s not unreasonable for people aged 55 and better to be nervous about such a significant change in their lives.

Active adult communities provide a unique lifestyle unlike any found elsewhere. They’re designed specifically to enhance the wellness, socialization, safety, and leisure of active adults, while still providing the privacy of having your own home. Although not all 55+ apartments are created equally, you’ll find most provide for your needs while exceeding your expectations.

Look for Apartments with Upscale, Easy-to-Clean Finishes

As you enter the second chapter of your life, you don’t want to spend your spare time cleaning and repairing your home. An active adult community can free you from these responsibilities, so you can devote your days to what you want.

When you narrow down your options of 55+ apartment communities, look for units with surfaces and finishes that will be simple to clean, such as solid-surface countertops, modern cabinets, and low-maintenance floors.

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Any apartment that you rent will come with maintenance provided, for any plumbing, electrical, exterior, or interior repairs you need. You can donate or sell your extensive collection of tools and only keep the necessities for furniture repair or hobbies.

Seek Amenities You’ll Use

Think about all the activities you love to do, and the ones you’d like to spend more time doing. When you look for 55+ apartment communities, review their lists of amenities to figure out what you’ll enjoy and narrow down the possibilities.

For example, if you will never swim, but a community’s amenities seem to focus on poolside leisure, you might not love to live there. However, if you’re seeking fitness opportunities and continuing education classes, you might find them at another active adult living community that better suits your lifestyle.

Gain a Sense of Community

Many active adults move to apartment communities because they’re alone or lonely in their homes. Living in a 55+ apartment community enables them to form friendships with people whose lives are in a similar place as theirs.

Your neighbors truly become friends as you bond over shared experiences, participate in activities together, and casually spend time together in common areas.

When you need time to rest on your own time, you can return to your own private apartment, put up your feet, sip a cup of tea, and relax.

Enjoy Convenient Locations

It’s possible your current home isn’t in an area that allows for easy access to everything you need, like the supermarket, your doctor’s office, shopping, entertainment, and more. Strategically-planned active adult communities, however, tend to be located near these necessities, for residents’ convenience.

If you don’t like to drive or prefer not to, many communities offer transportation for a nominal fee, or have a partnership with local rideshare programs to get you where you need to go.

Get Help Nearby

Living in an active adult community gives you access to professional staff and the services they can render to make your life better.

For example, most 55+ apartment complexes have a concierge desk or building manager on-site, plus 24/7 maintenance service, and security systems, like locked doors with intercom systems and security cameras.

Even trash removal is included! Some communities also offer fully-paid utilities, continental breakfast, and more. Check the amenities list from the communities you’re considering to help make your decision about where you should live.

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

When daily life in your home feels stressful, difficult, or exhausting, eliminate those challenges and pursue a lifestyle that lets you do what you want, when you want to! Active adult communities in the United States often meet these criteria.

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Free yourself from responsibilities, but still enjoy private living, in a 55+ apartment complex chock-full of amenities and people just like you. It’s stressful to move out of your home, sort through your belongings, and even sell your house. But once you move into your new apartment and get to know your neighbors, you’ll find that the second chapter of your life is just as fulfilling and enriching as the first.