Anti Aging Tips – Anti Wrinkles


The normal process of aging brings wrinkles most commonly on the parts of the body exposed to the UV radiation from the sunlight including face, neck, forearms and hands. So the main causes of wrinkles are

1. Sun Exposure: As sun rays contain UV radiation which cause a wear and tear in the deeper layers of skin contributing to the early appearance of wrinkles. This is thought to be the major contributing factor.
2. Environmental Exposure: To heat, dust and smoke
3. Women: As they have less oil producing glands and sweat glands on the face as compared to men so the skin gets dry more easily because of less lubrication which speeds up wrinkling.
4. Poor Nutrition


Although there are many treatment options for wrinkles including medical and surgical both but we will stick to the medications only. There are two types of anti-wrinkle creams

a. Medical Anti-Wrinkle Creams.
b. Non-Prescription Anti-Wrinkle Creams.

All anti-wrinkle creams work depending upon the active ingredients present in them and the concentrations of these active ingredients. The non-prescription or over the counter anti-wrinkle creams have lower concentration of these ingredients so as a result they give a temporary short lived result when used.

Some of the ingredients used in such creams are;

1. Retinol: This is very commonly used ingredient in non- prescription anti- wrinkle creams. The best anti aging cream usually has retinol as their active ingredient. It is a compound of vitamin A and it acts by neutralizing the unstable oxygen molecules responsible for breaking down of skin cells and formation of wrinkles. But this is less potent than the topical retinoids which are used in the prescription creams.
2. Topical Retinoids: These are derived from vitamin A as well and are more potent than retinol so they have to be used as prescribed by the dermatologist usually with a daily broad spectrum sun screen and protective clothing as there is increased risk of sun burn while using these products.
3. Hydroxy Acids: They help to remove the top layer of old, rough and dead skin as well as they stimulate the growth of new smooth skin .A sun screen should be used while using preparations containing them as they tend to increase the risk of skin damage by the sun.
4. Vitamin C: Very commonly used ingredient also helps in skin healing.
5. Epidermal growth factor: It helps to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production in the skin making it more elastic. It helps reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
6. Egg Oil: It is used in some creams to get the proper texture, some anti-friction properties and proper lubrication.
7. Co-enzyme 10
8. Copper Peptides
9. Tea extracts: Act as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.


The creams prescribed by your dermatologist are safe and effective as long as you follow the instructions of your doctor.

The over the counter anti-wrinkle creams are considered to be cosmetics by the FDA and are assessed for safety not effectiveness so they may or may not bring about a change in the appearance of your wrinkles. The cost of these over the counter creams does not influence the results you get. Even a cheaper one can give you a slight better look. Moreover how often you use them, the active ingredient and your individual skin type all matters. You can get mild side effects sometimes with some of the preparations. There are custom skin care products available that could improve your skin and give you a healthy look.


Good care of your skin along with a nice and healthy lifestyle can surely delay the natural aging process of your skin and you can stay wrinkle free with glowing skin for a longer time. All you have to do is;

1. Good Protection from Sun:
You can use sunscreens, wear protective clothing do not let your body expose to the harmful UV rays (long sleeve shirts with long pants).

2. Quit Smoking:
Yes, smoking makes you age quickly so please quit smoking.

3. Gentle Treatment of Your Skin:
Avoid long hot water baths, use warm water instead. Use milder soaps, Pat dry your skin and use moisturizers to avoid dry skin.

4. Healthy Diet:
Eat a well- balanced diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables.

5. Try to Relax:
Manage your stress as it leads to early aging.