Chase the Blues Away with These Blue Semi-precious Stone Bracelets


Could it be the weather? Could it be because of the year-end? Or could it be that wonderful jazz album you can’t stop listening to even though it makes you nostalgic?

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Whatever makes you feel blue, you should know there are many types of feelings in this world and none of them is 100% good or bad. Instead of feeling guilty for having a bad day, what you could do instead is match your sadness to one of the blue semi-precious stone bracelets – this way you can try to learn as much from your experiences while you are waiting for them to fade out.

All jokes aside, one of these winter’s color themes is blue and in the jewelry store you can find plenty of blue semi-precious stone bracelets. Wearing blue is more than choosing a color to join you throughout the day. Besides looking amazing and trendy while wearing them, you can also benefit from the power ancient people attributed to these blue gemstones.

There’s a different type of blue for each of us. Wearing blue is more than choosing a color to join you throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your imagination when it comes to colors or gemstones. In the list below you will find some of the most fabulous semi-precious stone bracelets!

Blue Tiger Eye Semi Precious Stone Bracelets

Semi-precious stone bracelets featuring Blue Tiger Eye are known for their soothing properties. They say that no matter what you are going through, this gemstone will help you adopt a relaxed attitude that comes in handy when you are trying to deal with different problems.


The silky appearance of this gemstone enhances the beauty of the Blue Tiger Eye stone. An important lesson that its owner will learn from it is how to go with the flow rather than try to resist events he can’t control.

Apatite Semi Precious Stone Bracelets

The name of this blue-turquoise gemstone comes from the Greek word translated as “to deceive”. By wearing these semi precious stone bracelets you will benefit from a natural emotional energizer and you will receive guidance, in order to declutter your thoughts and feelings. By choosing one the apatite semi precious stone bracelets you will be able to filter all the useless feelings that are dragging you down – this way you will manage to see the bigger picture.

Aquamarine Semi Precious Stone Bracelets

The story says that, in the beginning, there was nothing but water in the world. These light blue semi precious stone bracelets take its owner back to the primordial times, when there were countless possibilities. Back in the day, people used it as a method to predict what the future holds. Wear aquamarine semi precious stone bracelets and you will understand that everything, good or bad, comes in waves!

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All these blue gemstones come in exquisite designs. According to your preferences, you can choose simple or triple sterling silver beads. Semi precious stone bracelets from Balisarda come in a well-thought design. Every gemstone is imported either from Africa or Asia, and has a unique appearance. Make sure you are in theme with this year’s color and choose your type of blue!