Hotel Radisson Blu Diera Creek Dubai

Hotel Radisson Blu

Among the glitz and the glamour of Dubai is the beautiful Dubai Creek, an area just outside the popular downtown section which, if even only a bit, leaves you feeling you’ve seen a bit of the history in Dubai aside from the ultra modern skyscrapers and 5 star hotels which the city is so well known for.

Lined with old wooden shipping boats, the famed Abra’s, which shuttle tourists and locals alike across the creek for 2AED, and the colorful gold and spice souk, the Dubai Creek is also home to some of the best hotels in Dubai. Radisson Blu has a few different locations across the city, but the Dubai Diera Creek location is especially nice.

Seemingly small from the outside, the hotel just keeps going and going once you are in. The lobby and rooms maintain an older middle eastern vibe while providing all the modern touches you would expect to find in any hotel. While many chose to stay within the walls of the hotel, know that you are in one of the most colorful areas of the city and take the time to walk out the front door and go get lost, an easy walk to so many fascinating sites, smells and sounds.

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The rooms are colorful, comfortable and the staff is quick to respond and takes every action to make your stay as comfortable as possible, however the real treat of the hotel are the beds. Radisson Blu has always done an amazing job of having the most comfortable beds we have ever slept on and the Dubai Diera Creek location is no different. Just pull closed those blackout curtains and dissolve into another world!

But before you do… make sure to head up to “Up On The Tenth”, an amazingly relaxed and classy Jazz Bar, aptly up on the 10th floor. The food is absolutely delicious, the music if great and the ambience is utterly relaxing. For a more traditional brew head to the Pub and enjoy a cold one for us.

Of course, if you have ever stayed at a Radisson Blu before, you’ll know one of the single best parts of any stay is their “Super Breakfast”, which puts to shame pretty much every single breakfast buffet you have ever seen. Up on the business floor, the breakfast spread has everything you could imagine and is topped off with an elegant theme and gorgeous views over the entire creek with a perfect view of the famed Burj Khalifa in the backdrop, cementing the end to a perfect hotel stay.