Steps You Need to Consider for an International Travel

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Are you planning to travel abroad? If yes, you need to prepare yourself accordingly to avoid any trouble there. Remember as you are about to visit a different country, you need to research about several things. Here is a list of International Travel guidelines for you to follow. Take a look.

1. Check that your passport has 6 months period before it expires. This is because many countries do not offer visa if your passport has more than 6 month time to expire.

In case you do not have a passport, apply for the passport. To get the passport, you will need to submit your birth certificate, any other identification document along with 2 passport size photographs.

2. Pack all the essential things. Consider the weather and airline weight rules before you pack. Remember not to over pack for international travel. Go for Carry-on luggage from reputed brands. They are the best for international travel. Here, you can pack all your essential items easily and it is quite easy to carry. For further information click here

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Countries who are a part of the Visa Waiver Program do not demand visa from citizens belonging to countries also part of Visa Waiver Program. However, other countries will require a visa in the passport. Thus check the visa requirement of the place you are about to visit.

3. for some countries, you will require immunization. You need to take immunization injection in advance. Note: while this immunization injection is optional, in some places it is advisable that you are immunized for your personal safety.

4. Familiarize yourself with the local language. It will not be possible for you to learn the language thoroughly. Thus, try to learn the important phrases like – hello, what is your name, my name is, thank you, sorry and please.

5. be careful with your body language. Find out which gestures are termed offensive there.

6. Inquire about the international exchange rate. You can do this through online currency converters.

Note: many online currency converters only deal with hard currency. If you are visiting a place with soft currency, you can search for the currency rate in the following manner:

Type in the place (country) name with word ‘currency’
You will have to do some calculations and can find out the currency rate.

7. You might have to carry plug adapter and converter along with you. This is because the electrical standards are different all over the world. You might have difficulty in starting electrical appliances like hair dryer and computer batteries. Thus, search online for the type of plugs you will need in that country.

8. Study about the ambience, social life and customs prevalent there. You can read newspapers of that country to get an idea of the recent events happening. It is advisable that you start reading their current affairs from one month in advance.

Tip: keep a track of all sensitive issues

9. Study about the local dress. This is more important for women travelers. If you are visiting a country where short dresses are not allowed, your skirt or tunic might offend people there.

10. Similarly, many places do not allow men to wear short pants. Thus, it is better if you get knowledge of the dress pattern prevalent there.

11. Understand the perfect type of greeting. Hugging or kissing on meeting is not acceptable in many places. In some countries, you cannot touch children without their parents’ permission. Thus, understand the rules of greeting beforehand.

12. Make sure that you decide upon the communication plan with your friend. Remember that international phone calls are expensive and few places do not have 24X7-internet connection. Thus, find out the ways you can communicate with your family.

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