Top places to visit in Europe on a budget

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There was a time when taking a trip across the Atlantic had become exorbitant because of the exchange rate. However, according to a recent travel show on Spectrum cable, exchange rates have become favorable again. This makes a short vacation to Europe a lot more affordable now than it was 5 years ago. One of the best ways to travel Europe is by bus. European buses are cheap, comfortable and take you through the best destinations. Obviously, bus fares, like airfares are subject to change, but prices quoted here are from the low side. Advance booking can generally get you the best prices available.

Here’s how to visit major European cities for less than it costs to fly across the US:

1. London to Brussels

Start your journey in the Victoria Coach Station in London, UK. Make your way across the English countryside, under the English Channel and arrive at Brussels, Belgium. In Brussels you can bask in the glow of wonderful people, good food and excellent beer. Don’t forget to watch the unique architecture and street performers at night at the Grand Place (Central Square) from where you can find a cheap Airbnb with ease. This should cost you between 20 to 40 dollars.

2. Brussels to Luxembourg City

Travel from Brussels across the dense forests of Germany, stopping over at Bonn before the medieval fortress city of Luxembourg. Here you can feast your eyes on rich political history and culture whilst wandering through the ancient city’s streets. Be sure to visit the historical underground tunnels, which were used as a defense against invaders. This leg shouldn’t currently cost you more than 25 to 35 dollars.

3. Luxembourg City to Amsterdam

Visit the famous capital of Netherlands! Enjoy the colorful beauty of tulip fields on the way to your destinations. Try a riverboat cruise on one of Amsterdam’s canals or visit the Red Light District to immerse yourself in the unusual local displays of people. Amsterdam is surely a city like no other with its vibrant nightlife with no judgmental ambiences to spoil your vacation. Visit historic windmills and breweries to get a full taste of the local culture. The minimum cost here stands around 25 to 40 dollars.

4. Amsterdam to Copenhagen

Denmark is the land sprawling countryside and quaint towns. Hopefully you will get to see them both after an overnight ride from Amsterdam. Be sure to visit the ultra-hip district of Vesterbro where you can find reasonably cheap accommodation. A great place to visit Copenhagen is the waterfront district, lined with exquisite restaurants and bars to service your palate. Copenhagen should cost about 50 to 55 dollars if you throw in a trip to Tivoli Gardens. That is a brilliant space of old fashioned amusement rides and architecture in landscaped gardens.

5. Copenhagen to Berlin

Be sure to grab the shortest overnight bus ride that will have you in Berlin, Germany by early morning next day. Explore the wonderful architecture from Gothic to Communist-era buildings with help from friendly locals. Berlin is a great place for budget travelers – friendly ambience, cheap accommodations, great beer, great nightlife, street performers and beautiful parks. This leg of the journey should cost you around 25 to 35 dollars.

6. Leg Berlin to Warsaw

From Berlin, you depart to one of the cheapest countries in the world, Poland. Warsaw has come a long way since World War 2. You can see the amazing rebuilding that went on here as you walk the cobbled streets. In Warsaw, you can find cheap food and travel accommodations like nowhere else. Market Square and Castle Square should be stops on your list to fully appreciate the rebuilt beauty of Warsaw. This leg of the trip will cost approximately 20 to 25 dollars.

7. Warsaw to Prague

Prague is rightly known as the ‘City of Spires’. The architectural ambience here transports you to a different time. It has some of the grandest architectural heritage sites in all of Europe. And there’s another reason to visit; Prague’s nightlife. Visit nightclubs or bars which are unlike any other in Europe and will give you an unparalleled taste of culture. The Prague leg shouldn’t cost more than approximately 30 to 40 dollars.

8. Prague to Vienna

Vienna is perhaps the most beautiful city in this list of beautiful cities. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and boasting exquisite architecture, Vienna is an important stop for all travelers. Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of this center of culture and heritage. Be sure to stop at the oldest known zoo at Tiergarten. While Vienna isn’t exactly cheap, it’s still a fun place to be even if you aren’t spending money by the truckload. Attractive ambience and people is a lot for approximately just 15 to 25 dollars.

Vienna marks the end of our budget Euro trip. Back to the routine of paying the bills of your Spectrum internet speed and deals. However, with tons of souvenirs to show from all the cities you visit, this will be a trip to remember.

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