A Helpful Guide on How to Raise Spiritual Children


A religious upbringing has a vast effect on how well children adapt to adulthood. Studies show that adolescents actively involved in religion are happier in life. They’re also less likely to turn to unhealthy habits like drug use and early sexual experimentation.

If you’re not sure how to start teaching spirituality to your children, we can help. Keep reading to find our tips on how to raise spiritual children. 

Provide Encouragement

Religion should never be something that feels forced. Raising spiritual kids starts with encouragement. You can inspire them to study religion, but it shouldn’t be something they feel forced into.

Let your children know they’re able to choose their own belief system. It’s okay for them to change their minds, too. You don’t need to agree with what they’re choosing, but be open to accepting their exploration. 

Know Your Own Beliefs

Being confident in your own belief system will help you to foster your children’s spirituality. Even if you don’t prescribe to organized religion, you should know where you stand.

It’s okay to be unsure about your beliefs. Religion doesn’t need to be black and white. 

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At the same time, don’t let your beliefs persuade your childrens’. Allow them to explore different options and choose which they wish to follow. A good religious education looks at the basic beliefs of many religions from varying cultural perspectives.

Borrow books on religion from the library and educate yourself. Teach your children about the major holidays in other religions as they show up on the calendar throughout the year. Religious literacy is a gift you should give to your children. 

Admit Your Imperfections

As your little ones grow, it’s normal for them to begin questioning their spirituality. You don’t need to pretend to have the answers to all their questions. Keep the lines of communication open and be honest with them. 

It’s okay to say, “Mommy doesn’t know the answer to that, but some people think…” There’s no need to get into intense philosophical discussions with toddlers. Keep your answers simple and succinct. 

Lead By Example

Your children are going to emulate whatever you do, especially when they’re young and impressionable. Being a positive role model is the best way to raise a spiritual child.

Use everyday activities to teach your little ones about spirituality. This is a great introduction to religious practices since little ones thrive in predictable environments. They can begin to look forward to their daily religious readings, songs, or meditations. 

If prayer is part of your daily practice, let your child take part in it. Many places of worship offer gatherings for children, like Sunday School or childcare. 

Help them write and recite their own prayers. If you attend weekly services or regularly volunteer, bring them along when they’re old enough.

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Remember, though, you shouldn’t force religion upon your child. 

Raising Spiritual Children the Right Way

There is a right and wrong way to introduce religions to your children. Spiritual children need to be nurtured and encouraged. Don’t let your preconceived notions of religion get in the way of teaching your children.

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