Finding the Best Chinese Recipes in an App

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Two things I am very passionate about, finding apps that make learning new things easier and cooking. I love to cook for friends and enjoy the challenge of finding new recipes to add to my culinary arsenal. I’ve combined these two loves to help all you fellow food and app lover’s research tips and ways to find your best app to gigi’s chinese cuisine and sushi bar menu. Whether you’re at the beginning stages and not sure what the difference between soy sauce and oyster sauce is (big difference by the way!) or on your way to mastering different dumpling techniques. These apps can help you learn all you want to know about chinese shrimp recipes. Enjoy!

Recipes perfect for the beginner chef

Are you interested in learning to cook but a little nervous to try difficult dishes? Relax; there are lots of recipes in chinese province known for its spicy cuisine that are really easy to learn and simple to make. If you’re starting off as a beginner like I did, I suggest picking an app that gives you detailed steps from A to Z for each recipe. I would also suggest one with lots of pictures; it will help you visualise the process of making the dish and might even help you identify different ingredients easier. This way you can be certain about the steps of the dish instead of going into it hoping you followed the recipe correctly.

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If you’re trying to impress someone with an authentic Chinese dinner, whether it’s a side dish or the main event, I would suggest an app that gives you the same dish but in multiple levels of difficulty. If all the recipes seem too difficult in that app, you can always switch to an app that is made just for beginners. That way you can learn about simple techniques like stir-frying correctly. If you do stick with an app with varying levels of difficulty or go back to it after you gain more confidence, you will see you can learn more about chinese tofu recipes and build on your knowledge of them.

If you are just coming into the world of Chinese food, try an app that recommends you starting off with dishes like beef and broccoli and chicken or pork. Finding the perfect app that offers you easy recipes all the time can be hard to find, but all you need to do is take the information I give you and search for the kinds of dishes you want to make.

Here is a link to some great apps that might help you find that perfect app a lot quicker.

10 Top Apps for Finding or Cooking the Best Chinese Cuisines

There’s some great information in the link, but keep reading on to find out what I have learned.

Get healthy with vegetarian Chinese dishes

Just like many Asian cuisines, Chinese is a great cuisine to find vegetarian recipes. If this interests you, I would highly suggest searching to corner 21 chinese cuisine menu for an app that allows you to filter to Chinese and vegetarian options. This cuisine is a great option since it’s already loaded with vegetables and makes it really easy for you to add it to your diet for some variety. Vegetables that are common to Chinese food include eggplant, broccoli, baby corn (which I love!) and cabbage so there’s plenty of options to try from. Getting healthy with vegetables doesn’t mean dinner has to be boring, especially with some Chinese flair!

If you are looking to lose some weight, choosing an app that offers vegetarian dishes can help you towards that weight loss goal. Some Chinese dishes can help you not only lose weight but will help you not eat the same boring foods every night by adding new flavors to dinner.

One great part about learning how to cook Chinese food that I found is that you don’t have to vegan or vegetarian (or dislike the dishes as a meat eater) to enjoy recipes with tofu or lots of veggies. They taste great and are really good for you if you’re wanting to shed some weight. So if you’re in the market to kick up your healthy lifestyle or lose some unwanted pounds, I would highly suggest getting yourself an app filled with Chinese dishes. You will find its easy to make and give your cookbook some variety at the same time!

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Beginner turns pro, cooking authentic Chinese dinners

Ever dreamed of hosting a dinner party making authentic Chinese cuisine? Well, stop searching for Chinese food near me. Skip the greasy Chinese food delivery and learn how to make some delicious Chinese dishes at home. Of course, you will impress your dinner party guests but you will also have the confidence of mastering Chinese cuisine at home. You can download an app that teaches you the basics in Chinese culinary techniques that will provide step by step details on each recipe. This will help you (hey, it helped me so it can help anyone!) get to more advanced dishes with complications.


Now that I have given you some ideas and tips on how to find the right apps to build your strengths in Chinese culinary world, go forth and stir fry, steam, and roast to your heart’s delight. Just remember this is supposed to be fun, so find that app that allows you to learn, but to also enjoy your time doing it!

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