Nitrogen in Motorcycle Tires


Riders are always looking for ways to get an advantage, so it’s not surprising that after using nitrogen in automobile tires took off, it would be marketed as a performance edge in motor sports events. The fact is, you don’t need nitrogen to get a top tier performance, and for many riders it isn’t even possible to use it consistently enough to reap the full rewards it brings. The idea that nitrogen has advantages over air is not a myth, and if you can keep yourself in a supply of the substance that lets you rely on it as a constant resource when you need to adjust your tire pressure, great. That’s not most riders, though.

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Why Nitrogen Isn’t Vital for Your Bike

The advantages of nitrogen are all about tire longevity and maintaining pressure. That makes it a great substance for your commuter car or road bike. The advertised benefit is that it doesn’t leak from around the bead or valve stem as quickly as air does, which is true. What you aren’t always reminded about is that slower leaks are still leaks, and every time you adjust the pressure to change the ride or you check it, you’re letting some of that nitrogen out. If you don’t replace it with more nitrogen, you’re not getting the advantages of using it.

Upgrading To Performance Parts

Instead of worrying about nitrogen fill for their tires, most riders who are trying to get more out of a bike are going to focus on finding the best parts they can, from new OEM motorcycle fairings that refresh their bike’s performance to the best prices on upgraded motorcycle tires online. When you’re looking to make a change to your ride, make sure you follow these steps to control for variables and get the best results.

  • Research what changes to settings or tension adjustments and other tweaks will do, and try adjusting what you have before upgrading
  • Make adjustments small and step toward the goal, testing along the way
  • Control your changes to work on one variable at a time
  • Find the performance parts retailers who have friendly return policies and wide selections so you can adjust your approach if something doesn’t work out the first time.

When it comes to finding the best motorcycle tires for your next event, you’ll want to make sure your retailer is capable of curating a wide enough selection to let you find the best tire for any given event, no matter what the terrain looks like.

That means more than just having off-road and dual sport options. It means having the right selections to take on mud, sand, stone, or even variable terrain. For that, you need more than just a retailer with high-end brands. You need a retailer whose mission is to curate the largest possible range of motorcycle parts and accessories, and to bring accurate information to bear about their selections so customers can easily find the best choice for their bikes, events, and riding styles. Once you find that resource, keeping the right parts in rotation should be easy, and from there you can really learn how to make productive adjustments to increase your bike’s performance.