A Guide to Improve Your Local SEO and Optimize Online Presence

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80% of all searches are local, which makes it imperative for your business to have a solid Local SEO in place. The right local services in India for your business will help you to attract more people who are in your locality. In this blog, we are highlighting some effective ways to optimize your local SEO. 

  • Start with Google My Business Account 

Reliable local SEO services in India would make sure you have a good Google My Business page. This page allows you to set up your presence on the search engine for free and provides you with a place in Google Maps as well. Along with your business websites appearing in all devices, it is authenticated by Google; you can also find a place at the sidebar of the search result page. 

  • Get More Reviews 

More reviews are not only good for the presence of Google My Business, but it also encourages people to associate with your business. Over 85% of customers look at online reviews before making the final purchase. Local SEO services form strategies customized to your business to promote review at the end of each sale.

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You can also request for review post-sales through email or text. Merely getting the review is not sufficient; you have to respond to them in a professional manner. This is especially important when you are addressing negative reviews. By ensuring consistent engagement, you will come across as a brand, which takes its customers seriously.

  • Curate Local Content 

Content that relates directly to a local issue event or issue proves to be highly authoritative and piques the attention of the customers. Local SEO services would recommend you to write blog posts that are centered on local activities, stories, events. You can create content about charities that you support. Moreover, if your businesses serve different regions, you can create area-specific web pages and add high-quality, relevant content in it. 

  • Focus on Loyal Keywords 

When optimizing your website for a local audience, local SEO services focus more on keywords that are relevant to the local customers. And the Google Keyword Planner allows you to filter your search for keywords based on localities. Once you have selected local keywords, you need to add them in the URL, meta content, copy, etc. 

  • Keep your About Us Location Specific 

Location pages are important for businesses that serve over one location. Your pages include information that includes name, address, and phone number, store hours, individualized descriptions, promotions, parking availability, promotions, Google Maps for each location etc.

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Final Thoughts

SEO paradigm changes quickly and you need to stay aligned with these changes. Local SEO is imperative for your business as it helps you connect to the users in a specific location. And when you are associated with reliable local SEO services, you get to leverage their expertise and develop an SEO for your local. Above, we have shared some of the effective ways that are leveraged to increase the local presence of your business.

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