10 Ways Travelling can Make You a Better Entrepreneur


How do you go about starting your own business? Setting up a website? Sure! Getting the word out through your friends and family? Yes! But what about travelling the world? Gallivanting from one country to another seems like a luxurious pastime, but in reality, it’s also an effective teacher in learning how to become a great entrepreneur. After you’ve gone through college and business school, do yourself a favour and travel the world. Go to a country you never thought you’d ever see and let the experiences you have there teach you how to do business well.

Perhaps the best thing you’ll learn about business when travelling the world is getting to take risks. The corporate world consists of big risks, and the higher the stakes, the bigger the risk. When you’re travelling, especially if you’re going solo, you’ll get to take all sorts of risks to make the experience that much more memorable. In fact, travelling solo is already a big risk in of itself since you’re navigating a place you’re not used with no other person to help you out or share with your troubles. Once you overcome this, you’ll have an easier time taking risks in any other part of your life, even with your business.

Just like the world itself, the business field is full of risks you’re going to have to take if you want to succeed and be happy. Take a leap of faith and trust your instincts, similarly when you eat a new dish for the first time or hike across new lands.